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Letter to the Editor

Dear Sirs,

We are very much aware of the need for “trades people” in our region. To get a plumber or electrician to our home is near impossible! They are few and far between with fully booked schedules!

Demand for training in these skills has increased especially at the high school level. Supporting the students’ training and showing them that their ability and skills matter is of great importance not only to them but to the district and towns as a whole. It is therefore highly crucial that the new proposed addition to the Kearsarge High School be approved by the voters in every town in the district.

We have a critical need for these kinds of people, with their particular skills, very badly. Let’s show them that their training and skills have a future in their home towns!

We therefore urge all to vote in the new “STEAM” project for the Kearsarge School District, on March 8th. Those unable to vote in person should request an absentee ballot today to fill out and send back now!

Let‘s show our young folks how vital they are to themselves and the future of our towns!


Thelma and Amy Kaplan

New London

Please note: this letter was accidentally left out of the March 1 edition.

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